Tax Services

Tax Services include:

·  Preparing income tax returns;

·  Planning financial transactions that minimize tax;

·  Advising on property tax, sales tax and use tax issues;

·  Representing clients before tax authorities including the IRS;

·  Appraising and determining business values for estate and gift tax purposes;

·  Integrating personal and business tax planning strategies.

Tax Planning

We at Craft, Noble & Company stay up-to-date on all tax related matters through our continuing education and research. We stay on top of all the changes in tax law so you don’t have to. We are always ready to give you tax planning tips to be prepared for the future and make the best tax decisions for your situation.

 Payroll Taxes

Big or small Craft, Noble and Company is prepared to assist your business with its payroll tax needs. Administrative work often appears as a stack of paperwork on a desk rather than an achievable task. Craft, Noble and Company will handle your form W-2 and 1099 needs, monthly and quarterly payroll taxes, as well as preparing your payroll checks on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Timely payment of payroll checks and filing of payroll tax returns can be easy and efficient with our dependable service.

Estate Planning

Tax ServicesSmart business owners recognize the value of planning. If you've worked hard to achieve your financial goals, you need a plan that can provide financial security when you no longer can.

Craft, Noble and Company helps guide business owners through the many complex options of estate and trust planning. The firm's experience in current tax and accounting procedures can help provide security for your family and stability for the business. Estate planning and trust strategies help transfer and allocate your personal assets while minimizing tax liability and risks.

Business succession plans can reduce or eliminate tax due and provide continuity through ownership transfer or options like employee stock option plans (ESOP) that allow your employees to buy into your business vision and continue its successes.

Business Valuation

Business ValuationThere are many ways to approximate the value of a business. But would you be willing to invest your life savings in a business deal that is based on values determined without the help of experienced professionals? Or sell your life's work for an approximation?

If you're buying or selling a business, or facing tax or legal disputes, there is no substitute for being prepared with the best information you can get. You need professionals with the experience, accreditation and commitment to stand behind their valuation in business negotiations, a court of law or with the IRS.

Craft, Noble and Company is one of the few firms in the area that meets the rigorous standards of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant's Accreditation in Business Valuation and the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts. Integrity, objectivity and a thorough understanding of accounting, economic and tax issues are paramount in determining methodology and for the accuracy of a business valuation.


MediationNo business is immune to disputes or business discrepancies. But when those disputes go unsettled, and require court intervention, the time and financial payouts can be crippling. Even if your business wins the legal case, it is time consuming and often destroys the business/client relationship.

Arbitration and mediation are gaining favor among business and legal professionals as a time-saving, affordable alternative to trial. What's more, since dispute resolution is private, there is no public record of the dispute or facts presented in the case.

Craft, Noble and Company has built its business by providing clients with clear and accurate information while upholding the highest professional standards. A commitment to fairness and professional ethics compelled John Craft to go through training and accreditation to become a Neutral, accredited by the American Arbitration Association.

Effective arbitration and mediation require more than professional training. When attorneys, professional associations and businesses call upon arbitrators and mediators, they look for the analytical expertise and facts-based assessment skills required to handle complex financial and tax matters.

Litigation Support

Economic and financial assessments are often key to settling legal disputes and litigation. It's imperative to accurately quantify, or place a value on, economic loss or gain.

Few firms offer the accounting and auditing experience—combined with professional forensic training—required to identify fraud, theft or illegal accounting procedures. Once identified, the CPA's role is even more paramount in creating an accurate financial picture and determining substantive financial calculations.

Craft, Noble and Company is qualified to provide expert witness testimony and forensic accounting for any dispute that involves economic loss. The most common occur with a business sale, merger or acquisition, marital dissolution, lost profit and earnings insurance claims and commercial damage suits.

At times, clients of Craft, Noble and Company require representation in front of tax authorities including the IRS and state Departments of Revenue. Though daunting for most businesses or individuals, this is routine procedure for CPAs. Craft, Noble and Company has the experience and competence to represent your best interests and put your mind at ease.

Audit and Attest Services

Does your organization need someone to review your books? We provide audit and attest services for clients throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky. We perform audit and attest services for non-profit and governmental entities in a vast range of service industries. Whether you need an audit, compilation, or review we can help your Organization.


Business owners are among the busiest individuals in today’s economy. Bookkeeping can be a tedious and time consuming task that takes valuable time away from your business. Craft, Noble and Company realizes this and seeks to assist business owners with their bookkeeping needs. Accurate and precise record keeping is of the utmost importance when measuring your business performance. Our accountants are trained and equipped to provide you with high quality service that will allow you to rest assured in the reliability of your financials.

If you need an accounting system we can help with that too, we offer clients the ability to use our accounting software to allow them to work alongside us in keeping your books accurate, correct, and up-to-date at all times.